Office, and Public Spaces

Everyone working in offices, shops, hospitals, etc requires a minimum standard of fresh air to produce a healthy working environment. Effective ventilation systems installed by us ensure that people are kept healthy and can use your facilities in comfort.

Manufacturing and Processing Facilities

The air and ventilation in manufacturing and processing facilities must meet required specifications, depending upon where in the facility ventilation is located. We work closely with you, to install efficient systems that meet the standards you require to keep on running.

Temperature and Odour Controlled Ventilation Systems

Ranging from a small office to a large factory, bespoke ventilation systems designed for our customers specific needs. Including heating, tempering, replacement fresh air systems, and odour control.

Heat Recovery Systems

Technically advanced installations, providing energy efficient air movement solutions.

Air Conditioning

We design and build

Commercial Ventilation

Bartech Services offer a professional service for all your ventilation requirements from advice, design, manufacture to installation of any size. We also offer our customers a complete aftercare service.